Kristian Santos Founder of Tumbao Worcester

 Kristian began his journey into dance in March, 2012 when a friend convinced him to try salsa classes. At the time, he believed he would try it for just a few months. Now, 6 years later, he finds himself still learning, still growing, and eager to help others find their own rewarding paths through the amazing world of salsa.

Kristian started his journey taking salsa classes once per week, but after a month he was in the studio every day. He found himself quickly advancing through the school’s classes and eventually joining the student team, semi pro team and the pro team and performing in multiple salsa events. After leaving the studio, Kristian continued to take classes at various locations throughout Providence, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. In addition, Kristian is the Founder of Tumbao Worcester. 

Kristian focus is on helping his students see social dancing not just as a series of movements but as a kind of conversation between dance partners. By helping students understand the mechanics and signals of leading and following, he encourages them to find their own voice and style on the dance floor.